Family afloat


I had now had enough of single-handed sailing for some time and I also owed a lot to my family. Therefore after I had finished the trans-Atlantic race in 1976 (Celebration of the United States Bicentennial) on “Polonez” my wife and two children Jas (12) and Malgosia (7) joined me in the USA. We did not want the kids to lose a school year so we ourselves undertook the challenge of teaching them. My wife taught art and natural sciences subjects I did pure science.

ja_With this crew I sailed up the Great Lakes, then to Chicago and further down by the Illinois River and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. On the way back through the Atlantic I stopped on the Bahamas and on the Azores. Our children did not lose a school year as we carried out teaching them. After this voyage I wrote “Dom po żaglami” as well as used my teaching experience in the School Afloat project .


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