“Lady B.”

powr_jachtOn the turn of the centuries, between 1999 and 2000 I undertook a single-hand voyage round the globe again. This time it was on a 16,5 metres long yacht “Lady B”. It was a racing yacht for a crew of 12, therefore this old man who had to man her by himself was wondering why on earth he was doing it.

     The aforementioned lady (Lady B) enabled me to leave home for 11 months. She gave me a chance to circumnavigate the globe in the trade winds latitude i.e. via the Atlantic, the Panama Canal, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. By taking this route I avoided the hurricane chris-i-ladywinds of the South Atlantic.

The so called trade winds route usually does not bring many difficulties provided that one allows two years for it.  There were many reasons why I wanted to shorten this period , but as a result I ended on the Pacific in the least convenient time- the hurricane season. I managed to escape two running on parallel courses by sailing in the merely stormy conditions between them.

So far I am the only Pole who circumnavigated the globe twice and I must confess I am quite proud of this. However, I did not do it to have my name down in the records books, I just enjoy sailing. You can read more about this voyage in “Drugi raz dookoła świata”.

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