Captain cook


I never enjoyed cooking, especially on yachts where a small stuffy kitchen keeps jumping up and down on the waves and salty water pours on your head. I quickly learned that the only person who, according to Polish tradition, does not cook on a ship is the captain. Because of that I became a captain at a young age.

It was ironic that on my first significant voyage, which was round South America on the yacht “Smialy”, my role was that of cook. This was the only way I could participate in this particular. The position of cook, together with my captain’s qualifications enabled me to observe and learn a lot, which I related in my book “Kapitan-kuk”.

This great voyage was 15 months long and it brought a lot of invaluable but at times painful experiences. I ended up asking myself; Is there a need for a captain, if the crew can do everything by themselves and manage whatever conditions? What is the smallest number of crew if you want to eliminate conflicts, clashes and animosity? These were some of the questions, which pushed me towards a decision about my next voyage- this time I wanted to sail alone!

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