Who am I (by numbers)

top_r_001From the book “life cycle” Gladys Lobos I learned what i am and what awaits me. My date of birth 26.06.1938 read by Numerologists as the sum of the individual digits: 2 + 6 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 8 = 35 and 3 + 5 = 8. And so for professionals from numerical divination I’m EIGHT. Can you believe it or not, but something is on things …


 This is the number of the most suitable personality. Eights are vigorous, ambitious, combat, fighting boldly to achieve the targets, not allowing to get them on the road and trying to rise above. There are many such eights, who were born in very poor families, and yet it reached successes and honors awarded to victors. Therefore, this vibration is the combined with victory and fame.

The proverbial ambition eights does not involve you, together with the money, as many think, but above all with the desire to progress. Eight not pleased the heading, that is, its main aim is the heel up. Stopping means for her undoing. Not yet reached one goal, when one thinks about the next.

It is characterized by vehemence, and straightforward approach, great enthusiasm and dedication to what they are doing and the falling from one extreme to the other. They do not know anything of the intermediate, all according to them should be white or black, yes or no, all or nothing, now or never. This especially is the  feature, which distinguishes them from all other such numbers, changing them into decent people you can trust, who always take up a clear position. Are sincere and honest; with them, you always know what to keep, because they are responsible for their actions. But rub against the extremes in his impulsive reactions and attitudes.

When eight follows a goal, and it is exciting, bold, its not possible to resist, however, sometimes overwhelmed her paralyzing fear, because as has been said, does not know the intermediate states. Sometimes too hesitant, uncertain, precarious, if it was not the same person; goes real torture of indecision before will begin to work, which is surprising for those who knew her only as an active person. Are practical, constructive, realistic, and also some responsible and energetic, endowed with great strength, moral and physical, which reveals in their outside of top appearance. Almost always look impressive, proudly and majestically, indicating your style, the power of attraction and great impact on others.

 Are able to control each other completely. Never lose the nerves can withstand more than others; but when they run out of patience and tolerance, can react with unprecedented violence, not counting the possibility of the destruction of all life or important people. What allows them to shining at parties in my life, is stubbornness, courage, discipline and focus; their goals are practical, realistic and concrete, because all their activities is guided by common sense, and they do not allow yourself to illusions or naivety.

Eights do not normally work with audaciously, because they are very honorable and worthy of, which does not allow them to speak freely, unfettered expression. Are fair and especially of re, try to be impartial and objective in their are the roof, because they love the truth and justice above all else.

 As a bold, ambitious and bold, eight face difficulties which carries the life, of the weight of the real player able to put everything on one card, although for them it is a risk calculated, because they decide on something only if it was scheduled.

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