“Rolling in the sea’s foam”


EPILOGUE by Kazimierz Robak

About what is in this set, the author wrote in the introduction. You can of course add that the style of his prose is both brief and figurative, precise and metaphorical. That these stories, seemingly random and fragmented, give a picture of the life and achievements of not only one of the greatest sailors of Polish and world, but extraordinary personality. They have characteristics of both the document and the literary fiction. Finally: that this is the latest opus writer whose previous books are distributed in the million-dollar cost, so in English as translations.

Krzysztof Baranowski is a sailor and writer. This is a convenient formula, but limited. This book of stories does not make almost nothing to dispel the stereotype that, or even just expand. Therefore, in my opinion, the most interesting thing about it is you in this set.

And there is almost nothing about the fact that the second, next to sailing, a field in which Krzysztof Baranowski has merit nieprzecenione, is education. Where it uses-as befits the sailor-long sea cruise as the most important part of the tutorial.

The author has made sailing enough to be able to draw from that fame and glory for the rest of your life, like most sports champions. He did not, however, enough and thus, at the beginning of the 1980s, was one of the most unusual and valuable initiatives in education: the school Sailing Krzysztof Baranowski.

My Sailing School is for those who want to cross the narrow horizons of selfishness and put out on the water – get a taste of hard work on the deck of the sailing ship without losing nothing of the school program. We urge young people to noted next to each other, to assist people and proved them a helping hand. For his work for other reward what we consider to be the best-inland sea. Thanks to the sea and its qualities, we educate a new elite.


Events with “school” and “sailing” in the name is in Poland and all over the world a lot, however, Sailing School Captain Baranowski differs fundamentally from them:

-to get to it you have to fight, for a long time and in many fields, among which is the wielomiesięczna work as caring nature, physical and intellectual;

-for the right boarding and all the cruise pays only his own effort, and not the money parents;

-In addition to the normal pursuits related to inland there’s a daily 5 or 6 lessons, with klasówkami and evaluations, as in “normal” ground school;

-learn it takes continually: after class lesson, you must serve on relieving watches, but you can also virtually at any time to ask teachers for clarification, repeat or extend the classroom topics;

her premise is that should last a few months, and preferably one semester: young people need two months to integrate and get a routine – usually only a third and subsequent months bring full satisfaction with navigation and science, while working in a team becomes a pleasure, rather than responsibility.

Despite the elitism, the purpose of the Sailing School Krzysztof Baranowski is not bringing up champions, record-if Nobel laureates. The task is fulfilled, when the young people are aware of its values, understanding the principle of cooperation in the group. In the future, will the active and rzutkich citizens, which are commonly said to be “decent and valuable people”.

All existing graduates and graduate school agree Captain was getaway driver for them during the acceleration entering adulthood stage and later, independent career; She opened the door to the world, helped to believe in their own ability, clearly specify the objectives, mobilize to the effort to achieve them. All these young people have become prominent figures in their environments.

The fact that so brought up young people depends on the future of the universe, in which they would work, you do not need to dwell, because-at least in Poland – these are the truth known (though unfortunately rarely advocated on the State level) from the time of rebirth.

The stories presented here are many of the educational role and influence on the process of formation of the young characters, but these descriptions are of a general nature. Even after a thorough reading of reduced inventory in the author’s resume sailing hard to guess what really lies behind the enigmatycznymi wzmiankami of appointment or relaunch of the Sailing School “.

And hides a lot. Fighting for the implementation of a project to build sailing ships two led Baranowski, Christopher: “Dar Młodzieży and Frederic Chopin. Both were based Sailing School, but both failed to keep, because the school is not an economic institution and must rely on subsidies. Those, on the other hand was not.

What happens at the stage of primary and secondary schools, will pay off only a few decades later, when today’s children will decide about the country, its prestige and the acquis communautaire.

The profitability of investment in educating the young generations of hard to postpone the monetary amounts. Therefore, the master of continuously knocking at the door of the institutions and ministries opowiedzialnych for Polish education and upbringing. But the subsidies from the budget of the Sailing School can only dream of, so it maintains thanks to private sponsors, with whom – life itself – is sometimes different. And the same happens with the school.

The Foundation is still the acquis: for their own ship money is still not enough, and for chartering companies are counting a lot. I, however, do not be surprised. If anyone wondering, educational authorities and their indifference.

All of this with this set you can only guess. Somewhere off the beaten track are truly dramatic convolutions, which lasts: because Christopher is still about their school fights, including storms and storms much more dangerous than real, because the bureaucracy, aversions and indifference.

In all of this shows incredible optimism, determination and consistency-after all, its Sailing School still flows, and from the decks of sailing ships a year a year come smiling, joyous – and better – young people.

That is probably why these stories are like a cheerful small talk by the fireplace: full of suspens, but ended happily as he defeated sailor sea ghosts, he returned to Ithaca and his Penelope, and all of us now.

A case less sympathetic? I think that the author has them enough every day, so skipping them deliberately. Probably not even thinking that I will  remind them to him..

In our sailing Krzysztof is the second next to Zaruski figure. Zaruski before the war, and himself after the war. No one has done as much for yachting promotion and leading teenagers to sea than Krzysztof.

I wrote this 30 years ago, in my story about the first Sailing School. Today I would change on this issue not a word.

Kazimierz Robak

Tampa, FL December 18, 2013.


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